We scale car dealerships by implementing a culture of transparency.

Marketing that works. Easy sales.
Employees that do the right thing.

Why transparency?

Transparency creates alignment in the sales process and increases close rate.

It creates an environment where your salespeople pick up the phone and dial without fear.

It decreases ghosting in the sales process.

It increases the quality of leads being generated and lowers your advertising costs.

It creates a culture where your employees share problems and the sales process improves over time.

Transparency attracts the right employees and improves employee retention.

It allows for the development of better systems and removes dealership chaos.

It opens up real conversations with the car buyer and leads to increased referrals and testimonials.

It holds your service provider and your agency to an entirely new standard.

It empowers you to talk about data, metrics, and tracking systems without the fear of not understanding them.

It empowers you to ask your employees for help and empowers your employees to do the same.

A Completely New Take On Traditional Problems

"Over the last few years, I've helped multiple car dealerships scale their operations. I've been employed as an in-house marketer, as a salesperson, as a finance manager. With my agency, I've managed ad campaigns for over forty dealerships.

I've personally trained general managers and digital marketers in the automotive industry. I've brought digital processes in-house so that dealerships could remove reliance on agencies and lead providers. I've shifted perspective so that the salespeople close more deals. I've optimized marketing campaigns and flooded dealerships with interested clients.

No campaign or process will help a general manager who is afraid of opening up. Lack of transparency is the culprit of every single issue that I've ever seen at a dealership. It's the core problem.

You may not be able to change overnight - but I can at least show you what happens when you start.
Ryan Hartigan,

We understand that it's scary.
But transparency works. We have the results to show.

At the Infiniti Accelerator program in Toronto
"He looks for ways to achieve desired results in a cost effective manner, he educates and empowers his clients, and offers long-term solutions so you're not dependent on him forever. Do yourself a favour - grab this guy! He knows his business inside and out!"

- Kim MacPherson, Buy It Smart
Actual Google Ads results*
"With his ability to think outside the box and his genuine passion for helping his clients, he is poised to be a leader in the automotive industry for years to come. If you haven't been following his journey, I suggest you catch up."

- Alex Strum, Internet Sales Specialist

We teach dealers a new mental paradigm.

Transparency is the way to actually scale your dealership.

When you have an open conversation where nothing is hidden... people will flood your dealership to buy from you.

It may require changes. Big changes. It doesn't happen overnight. It will be scary. But new dealerships and startups are making the shift: the industry is changing and this is the change that we are required to make.

This is the only way you can shift out of the chaos and have truly transparent processes at the dealership that can operate without your direct support.

Some dealers will not adjust to the facts. The shady dealership will refuse transparency during the sales process. Employees will burn you. Customers will stop buying from you. You cannot be helped.

The dealerships that don't evolve will be wiped out.

You are now competing with the golden dealership.

Introducing the Ordermotive Method:
"Building a Golden Dealership"

A dealership is "shady" when the operations are not transparent. People don't like going into the darkness and people avoid shadows.

This dealership repulses buyers, loses sales, has no customer loyalty, siloed employees, no tracking, relies on third parties and lead generators, high employee turnover, salespeople that don't follow up, vehicles that stay on the lot, low referrals, poor CSI, no organic search results, no service clients, and an overall scarcity mindset.

The golden dealership is attractive to the buyer. You have firm customer loyalty, high close rates, high employee intercommunication, clear tracking systems, feedback loops on "what works", an in-house marketing process that scales, a culture that keeps employees, a sales team that loves to follow up, vehicles that sell fast, high CSI and referrals, return clients and high service usage, abundance mindset...

Remove Dealership Chaos

Set up transparent and standard processes so your team always does what they're supposed to be doing.

Culture Keeps Growing

Instilling the right culture empowers every single employee to improve their own performance. Everyone looks to increase the dealership revenue.

The Marketing "Edge"

Hiring an in-house marketer forces transparency at the dealership and pushes you into the golden light of success.

The Power of Alignment

Our alignment process will revolutionize your approach to sales and disproportionately increase your close rate.

The Science of Lead Handling

Integrate your sales and your marketing so that the entire process feels natural and the car buyer doesn't want to leave.

Optimizing Performance

Think differently about your advertising campaigns. Think differently about your people. Everything can be improved.

Dealership Clarity

Track absolutely everything. Know return on investment for every salesperson, lead source, and advertising partner.

The "Feedback Loop"

Having a transparent feedback loop will help you continuously improve your advertising campaigns, your sales process, your average close rate, and your lead sources.

The "Open" Online Journey

Simplify the online customer journey and flood your dealership with hungry buyers.

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