The automotive industry is going through a huge shift - both in how leads are generated and also in how customers find the dealerships that they want to deal with. The digital landscape is complicated.

Ordermotive helps to empower the general manager and allow for your dealership to take the digital marketing processes in-house. Better decisions around your advertising budget, clarity around your web provider and software partners, and the ongoing development of a thorough digital marketing strategy. Our partners cut their advertising costs in half and sell more vehicles than competing dealerships.

Recruitment and training for the modern car dealership's in-house marketing team.

Say goodbye to your lead provider.

Every month, your web provider is trying to sell you into the next "big thing". Your agency sends you monthly data, but you can't verify the results. You run ads in the newspaper, on the radio, on Facebook and Google, and on every third-party website.

But you don't know what advertising channels are working and which ones are a waste of your money.

If you hire a marketing manager and allow them to spend your advertising dollars, you can't be certain of their results. They may not know how the automotive industry works and may have never managed any paid advertisements before.

The Modern Car Dealership

Dealerships need to have control. They need someone to manage all of the digital properties and outgoing ad spend. Someone who continuously optimizes and tries new campaigns, and someone who is completely transparent with the general manager.

The only solution is a highly-trained digital marketing manager. With the right marketing manager, you are guaranteed the absolute best results for your advertising spend.

Ordermotive has a unique position in the automotive industry. Unlike a marketing agency; a marketing manager is actually in your dealership and working directly with your sales team. This allows them to manage processes that a marketing agency would not be able to manage. It also allows for the creation of engaging content around your dealership's brand and targeted ads that run directly to the exact clients that you most want to serve.

We have the advertising experience and know-how to train your marketing manager to generate low cost leads with high close ratios. We show your marketing manager how to generate traffic that is already interested in your specific dealership, in your specific brand, and in your specific inventory.

Your marketing manager builds relationships before the sales team does. In fact, we believe the conversation that happens over your website and over social media, should be the exact conversation that happens with your salespeople in real life.

Think about it like an automated sales team. One that actually listens to your instructions and improves month-upon-month. Better than your best salesperson.

*Actual AdWords results

Marketing Campaigns That Work

*Actual Facebook results

The Ordermotive Training Paradigm

  • It's more than advertising. The best results are generated when customers have a real relationship with your brand and buy for more than just your inventory selection. That is why you want a marketing manager for your dealership. Someone who really understands how to generate results. Someone who is always available and a part of your team. Someone who can create content at the dealership and manage your social media presence directly from the floor.

  • We put your marketing manager through more than fifteen hours of intensive training - from an overview of the sales process, to the best strategies around social media management for your dealership. They will have a strong understanding of lead generation, conversion optimization, and automotive marketing. They always have direct access to our executive team and will have expert help when dealing with any tricky issues around your web provider or the marketing landscape.

  • Your marketing manager will have access to our software partners and are trained on the most effective ways to work alongside your salespeople. They will manage the lead attribution process to ensure that your dealership is spending the advertising budget properly. We see a strong marketing manager save their dealership thousands of dollars a month in wasted advertising spend.

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