• After understanding your specific dealer culture and brand, we physically travel to your dealership and create advertising content directly with your sales and finance team. We put management through our online training on lead generation, sales tracking, and automotive marketing.
  • We set your dealership up with a simple but powerful CRM. One your sales team will actually use. We give your team access to a training program on properly managing the lead tracking and sales process. All leads come with campaign information. You can track absolutely every campaign, lead source, and salesperson through our relational database and its' reporting features.
  • We set up an online web presence for your dealership that allows us to opimize conversion rate and track all advertising campaigns. We will send all of our paid traffic to your new dealer website. You don't even have to replace your web provider.


Here's exactly what we know:

  • How to think about the digital landscape and how the online "journey" mimics the in-person sales process
  • A clear perspective that will eliminate many of the fears and anxieties associated with the online world
  • An understanding of the automotive landscape and the different traffic channels for generating leads
  • The ability to evaluate any software product, lead source, or website provider for your dealership
  • How to work with the salespeople and develop viral strategies that build trust in the market


Here's exactly what we know:

  • How to easily evaluate your inventory plugin, vehicle display page, web provider, and website quality
  • How to generate high-converting landing pages and dealer websites that persuade people to apply through your dealership
  • Understand the secret of "one-decision marketing" and avoid the pitfalls of a confusing landing page
  • How to create multiple landing pages on-the-fly so that we can continuously test the effectiveness of our marketing message
  • The truth about online forms, how to increase leads, and the problem with most dealerships' form layout


Here's exactly what we know:

  • How to set up your Facebook page to increase test drives and appointments
  • How to use contests and email marketing to grow your sales dramatically
  • The power of Facebook Live and how your dealership can start behaving like a media company
  • How to quickly leverage a small advertising budget and turn your Facebook fans into customers
  • Simple strategies to triple your lead count by functioning as an internet BDC


Here's exactly what we know:

  • How to focus on "benefit-driven" copy and how to think about your prospects' online journey
  • What your "ad scent" is and the insider-secrets to avoid losing your prospects after the first click
  • The best strategies to quickly create high-quality ad creatives and optimize design strategies for your dealership
  • Our list of benefit-driven messages to drive traffic to your landing page and into your dealerships
  • How to split-test your advertisements so that you always run ads that convert


Here's exactly what we know:

  • How to create split-tests of your landing pages so that you can increase overall close rate on leads
  • How to do a qualitative assessment of your website using Google Analytics and determine any issues
  • A thorough breakdown of the different traffic problems and how to trouble-shoot your funnel
  • How to send immediate notification of new leads so your sales team can be on them like white on rice
  • How to manage the lead type, so that we can scale the right ads and turn off the wrong ones

Here's exactly what we know:

  • How to rank your dealership organically and get to the top of Google searches before your competitors
  • The power of properly using Google AdWords and generating high-quality leads that want to buy the vehicles you currently have in stock
  • How to manage your ad budget across different social networks so that we constantly optimize your return on sales
  • The easiest way to manage Google Reviews and get your dealership set up for Google My Business
  • How to create high-quality content on your dealer website and what type of content to create


Here's exactly what we know:

  • How to efficiently manage your dealership's online reputation, deal with any incoming issues, and position your dealership as a trusted brand in the space
  • The most effective strategies to increase positive reviews for your dealership and limit the negative ones
  • Our time-tested method to deal with dissatisfied customers and turn them into referrals
  • How Yelp, Google Reviews, DealerRater, and Facebook Reviews work, and how to properly take advantage of positive reviews to generate new leads
  • Simple strategies that your sales team can use to generate even more positive feedback online



Here's exactly what we know:

  • How to increase your social engagement and maximize your referrals from the "Thank You" page
  • The truth about automotive CRMs and how to choose one for your salespeople if they are not currently using one
  • Why call-tracking is so important and how to optimize an improper phone-system at your dealership
  • How to use the new Facebook Marketplace tool, get organic leads using Facebook Groups, manage Kijiji or AutoTrader placements, and test new lead-gen methods as they emerge
  • How to manage your leadflow properly and how to automate information about their marketing efforts to your salesforce
  • Why the relationship with your web provider is so important and how to work with them to ensure your continued success
  • How to easily set up outbound email campaigns for your current customers and drive in new traffic for sales event

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  • A thorough breakdown of your current social media strategy, lead processes, agency partnerships, and ad campaigns
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